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The Ten Commandments

America's Legal System was based on the Ten Commandments.

But our nation's prosperity depends on each of us observing God's Law.
This page can help you do that.


The First Commandment 

The Second Commandment 

The Third Commandment 

The Fourth Commandment 

The Fifth Commandment 

The Sixth Commandment 

The Seventh Commandment 

The Eighth Commandment 

The Ninth Commandment 

The Tenth Commandment 

About the Author

The author of this website passed the California Bar Exam, but was denied admission to the practice of law because he believes the legal system must be publicly and officially committed to God's Law, as summarized in the Ten Commandments. The Supreme Courts of California and the United States would not review his case.

The Supreme Court of the United States once declared that America was a "Christian nation," a nation "under God." Those decisions have been quietly but completely repudiated.

What does it mean to be "one nation, under God?" It means Theocracy. That's what the word means: a nation under God, governed by God. "A nation of   laws, not of men"; divine laws, not arbitrary laws. The genius of the Calvinist Puritans and the Founding Fathers was the creation of a clergy-free Theocracy; a nation ruled not by the priests of any particular denomination, but by the "priesthood of all believers" (1 Peter 2:9). We still live in a theocracy, but the new god is man. More specifically, the new god is the incarnation of man's power: the State. Bill Clinton's mentor described the new priesthood as "The Anglo-American Establishment."

The author of this website believes we need to repudiate the new theocracy, return to the old Theocracy, and move forward from there. Join this movement.

Readers' Questions

Q. What about Capital Punishment?
A. In the Old Testament, God required the people of Israel to shed the blood of a lamb or other animal in order to cleanse the land of the sin ("atonement"). The New Testament says "Behold  the Lamb of God." God sent His Son, who shed His own blood to make atonement. No more blood need be shed, including the blood required in rituals we today call "capital punishment." Read more here.

Q.  Didn't the Signers of the Constitution intend to remove the Ten Commandments from public schools?
A.  Absolutely not. Not a single person who signed the Constitution intended to give the federal judiciary the power to order municipal schools to remove the Ten Commandments. But the Supreme Court did so anyway. The Supreme Court has lost sight of the fact that America's Legal System was based on the Ten Commandments.

Do you have any questions about the Ten Commandments and their role in America? Write to us.

If you like Dr. Laura Schlessinger, you might like her book on the Ten Commandments.

Your purchase of this book from us helps us educate others about the Ten Commandments. This website is not necessarily endorsed by Dr. Laura.

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